Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations

Your honeymoon should be the trip of your life, so where should you go for this once in a lifetime travel experience?

Below are some of our top picks for starting your happily ever after.

Bali, Indonesia


Sometimes after all the hectic planning of a wedding, you want to do nothing more than relax. If so, Bali is the place for you – especially if you are going for the honeymoon immediately after the wedding.

You can fill your days here with activities from temple visiting to hiking or do what honeymooners do best – indulge and pamper yourselves! Think candlelit dinners, romantic couple’s massages or even a butler at your service. From luxe villas with private pools to top of the range hotels and resorts, there’s an experience for every taste and budget.

bali 2

Bali is proof that you don’t have to go far or break the bank for an amazing honeymoon.

Amalfi Coast, Italy


Italy’s coastal town of Cinque Terre has been featured heavily on travel lists (and instagram) in recent years, but if it’s an indulgent holiday you are looking for, head south to the Amalfi Coast. This stretch of coastline in Southern Italy has been deemed by UNESCO as an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape due to its beguiling combination of coastal mountains plunging into the bright blue seas. Here, you will find picturesque towns hugging the coastline and romantic holiday getaways tucked in its hills.


The Amalfi Coast is also great for exploring the Southern part of Italy. Before arriving here, you can stop by Naples, the birthplace of pizza or the ancient archeological site of Pompeii. While in Amalfi, spend your days exploring the winding coastline from the towns of Sorrento to Salerno and take a day trip to the island of Capri, famed for its rugged and stunning landscape.

Santorini, Greece


You can’t have a honeymoon list without including the island of Santorini.

It’s easy to see why Santorini remains one of the top honeymoon destinations to date. The island was practically designed for honeymooners where luxurious resorts are a plenty, stunning views are everywhere you turn and lounging is a recommended day-time activity.


Despite its constant popularity, Santorini is a destination that never fails to impress and is likely to remain a honeymoon hot spot for years to come.



For centuries, Africa has intrigued travellers and adventurers with its epic landscapes, wildlife and culture. But this vast and beautiful continent also has the makings for a romantic and intimate honeymoon.

Spend your nights in luxury lodges overlooking world-class national parks or romantic tented safari camps under the stars and your days on early morning safari drives, enjoying the wilderness and gorgeous landscapes of the savannah plains. The thrill of a safari and the hospitality of the region will be like no other.

africa 2

And since a honeymoon is a one-time thing, why not make it an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience?

Northern Lights Destinations


Not a destination in itself, the Northern Lights, or the aurora borealis as they are known in the North, is considered one of earth’s most beautiful natural events. Spending your honeymoon in the remote regions where they appear to witness this marvelous light show will undoubtedly be an unforgettable travel experience.

You can catch the Northern Lights anywhere in the Northern (or Southern) hemisphere. Auroral displays can be seen in Europe from the likes of Finland, Norway and Sweden and in North America, particularly in the northwestern parts of Canada and Alaska. Each destination will have their own other unique activities. For example, you can go whale watching or husky sledding in Norway or sleep in a glass igloo under the stars in Finland.


Whichever your chosen destination, if you are lucky to catch this spectacle in person, it will surely be a travel experience to cherish for life.

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